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Doe Bades




Like the tragedies of our fore fathers

That would never while away with time

Our sparks sprawl and our miseries gather

Are the words that made my orange turn lime!


He moved closer to me and kept singing to me words that until you were born I never understood. Unlike every other person you would see in my own time, my father was awkward. According to history, we’ve had this jinx on our bloodline linking our fate with tragedies resulting to damnation in all our endeavours.


I can’t measure the pain I my heart

Because your measurement will start from where mine will stop

You’ll linger between worlds

But in the end you’ll be nothing but someone that bows to lords.


There are still some parts of his lines that I still don’t understand in his lines but maybe you would. My father died while I was still young, but I was smart enough to understand his words and remember every single detail, or perhaps they glued to my brain. He lived a miserable life; he was a drunkard, a fool and a visionary who only explored his sadness and the life damning words of his old man. He made me believe there was no hope for us in the world. Our tragic life has been around for generations and he made it plain to me that God had forgotten us. I tried, I really tried my best not to be discouraged by his words, but I was too young to do so.

“We are created to serve”. He’d say. I don’t know how much he tried to get back up but by the time I was birthed, he was a depraved, lonely man, whose bridges have fallen and lost grip of his life.


Your soul is too timid

While your time rolls on without limit

Your end is like every other tale in hell

Tragedy with no bounds, tragedy with no limit.


In some situations in this life that we are in, it’s all man for himself. That is one thing that would never change, but remember, you’re strong, stronger than a rock, stronger than the turbulences of life. Nothing comes easy, and it’s ok to fail, it’s ok to fall down, but if you fall down, don’t go down easy. And when you’re coming, come up harder.

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My father made me believe no matter my effort I can’t make it in life. Those words basically affected my whole life, despite my effort, in the end I still was trapped in the effect of his words.


I’m leaving you this message; it’s for your eyes only. Don’t let anyone scratch or disrespect your ambitions. You are born to be great. Don’t believe anyone in the family trying to compel you to live the kind of dreadful and hopeless life they’ve lived. You are different, you’re special, you’re unique, and you are born to be great.

Beginnings always end

And some ends don’t begin

Your life would be amazing and you’ll never have to fend

All hail my son, all hail the king


No one can motivate you if you’re not interested. Only you can motivate yourself, that why I’m leaving this not for you. Come back to it whenever you feel like you’re losing your grip. Just pray, and work hard, with time, you’ll feel everything working out fine. I really wish I could have the chance to tell you this myself but it seems my faith is to die before you fully understand right from left.

These are my words

This is my dying wish

With the help of the lord of lords

Your greatness will be unleashed.



Seasons faded

Time waited

Till the fate of man, was just a fate of man and nothing else.


SON: Hello dad, happy birthday to you. I’ve got some bad news for you. I didn’t make it.


JNR: Hello grandpa, happy birthday to you. I’ve got great news for you. I made it.


SON: I’m sorry I couldn’t fulfill your wishes, and the jinx still reigned in my life.


JNR: (Smirks) Urhhh! I’m successful grandpa, like I’m really rich, I’m at the top of my game. All chains broken and drowned.


SON: Your brother raised me, and…


JNR: (interrupts) oh man, he is an ass.


SON: (faces Jnr.) That’s not polite.


JNR: (Bends his head) I’m sorry Dad.

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SON: (faces the tombstone) He hid your letter for me, and made me believe the things you didn’t want me to. I was just another dead soul pacing up and down sidewalks. I found your letter few after I ended up on the wheel chair. I survived an accident. (Sobs) My wife died after giving birth to Jnr., everything was hell till I found your letter. It changed my life and orientation. I couldn’t do much on the wheel chair but I made sure my son wouldn’t live the same life I did, and here I am the father of a multi millionaire, and here he is.


JNR: Like I said Grandpa, the man is an ass. But yeah, thanks to your note, my father didn’t end up being like those depraved shit holes I have no choice but to call family members.

SON: Jnr. Language.


JNR: Com’on Dad, Grand won’t be mad. He would be happy I made it and you didn’t end up like great grand. From what I read, he sucks just like his words. I don’t know you, I’ve never met you, but I know you’re one hell of a father just like my dad. (He stands up and walks behind his father and reverses his wheelchair).


SON:                                                  Our soul was timid

And time rolled on without limit

Our end was like every other tale in hell

Tragedy with no bounds, tragedy with no limit.


JNR:                                                    And now we are kings

                                                All hail the kings, all hail Grandpa


He pushed his father’s wheelchair gently has they left the memorial ground, with flowers dropped in front of grandpa’s stone with words on it saying


This is the man’s ground

The man who lingered between worlds

The man who lingered round and round.


(Black out)

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