A social media user Somto Okoye discloses that students of Dawakin Science school in kano just almost burnt down their school just because they increased their school fees.

Here’s what he wrote on Facebook; Based on what I heard from someone who attended Science School Dawakin, the school is one of the best schools in Kano. It’s said to be the equivalent of attending CKC, DMGS, St. Charles or QRC in Onitsha.

But at this rate, if the best, the top of the line, the most refined products of the North can be best described as savages who can burn their own teacher’s motorcycle because of school fees increase, what more can you expect from the almajiri ones who never smelt classroom air during the entire course of their lives?

Parents and future parents of the South; Do you want your children to mix with such children in the future?

If the most refined schoolchildren in the North can do this to their own teachers, do you know what they can do to you if there’s a rumor that you blasphemed against their “religion of peace” (google Bridget Agbahwe)?
Do you hate your children so much to envisage such a chaotic society like this for them – just because you’re currently receiving government peanut salary and or crumbs from politicians during election time?
Say no to the scam called One Nigeria.

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