Last year was quite an eventful year, as the world was under lockdown due to the Coronavirus pandemic. People unable to link up with their loved ones, store and even cinemas were closed, and as such, anticipated movies ended up not being released.

But with the lockdown restrictions being eased this year, we are seeing a lot of movies get released, including those we anticipated. And one of those movies is Zack Synder’s Justice League.In 2017, a version of Justice league got released. That version got negative reviews from viewers, as the movie had so many blank spots and just felt like it was missing something.

Then in 2020, Warner Bros revealed that they were going to release Zack Synder’s cut of the movie. And it turns out that Zack Synder was the original director of the movie, however, he had to back out half way into the movie because of his daughter’s death.

But Warner Bros were not patient enough with Zack Synder, so their hired another director to finish up the movie, cutting all the recorded parts done by Zack Synder.And soon it was released, instead of the movie getting positive reviews as they thought it would, the audience were not so happy with the half baked version that was released. And after seeing the negative reviews, Warner Bros decided to release Zack Synder’s cut, which was soon released on the 18th of March 2021.

When I first heard the movie was going to be a 4 hour movie, I was not all too encouraged to watch it, as I have never sat down to watch a 4 hour movie before, and then I decided to give the movie a try.

When I started watching the movie, I was not too impressed, as I had watched the beginning scenes from the first version that was released. But I continued watching it, and all I can say is that I was impressed as I didn’t even know when 4 hours passed.

There were a lot of added scenes, which filled up the blank spots of the first version. We got to see more and detailed stories of the characters, like Superman’s wife, Flash, Darkseid, Steppen wolf and Cyborg.We also got to see added scenes of the Martial Manhunter, that was not there in the first version.

The movie generally, is a way better upgrade from the first one that was released back in 2017, and is even one of the best DC superhero movie I have ever watched. As the movie looked way better in terms of cinematography, action, plot and even comic relief. And after watching it, I realised that Warner Bros went all in on this one.And my best part so far, was definitely the Epilogue, as we got to see scenes that left us wondering what would happen in the next Synder’s cut.

As not only did we see an appearance from The Joker, and we also saw the world get destroyed by Superman. But no one knows what would happen next, all we know is that it was a dream that Batman had.And after watching the movie, people pleaded with Warner Bros that they should allow Zack Synder to direct more of their movies as this version of Justice League is a much better upgrade.

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