When Apple released its latest iPhone 8 and 8 Plus devices on Friday, users of Skype noticed a major issue: the app would crash upon launch. Unfortunately, there was no workaround, and even Skype Insiders had the issue with the latest preview.

But just three days later, Microsoft has fixed the issue, and the update is available via the App Store. There’s still no update for Insiders in the TestFlight app, and while it’s coming soon, it’s recommended that if you need to use Skype, install the production version and wait for that email that says there’s a new build available before you switch back to previews.

While this issue may have been catastrophic for those that count on Skype on a regular basis, it’s hard to even fault Microsoft for this. Apple’s iPhone 8 and 8 Plus are new hardware with a custom processor that’s not available on other devices, which means that the company probably didn’t even get the chance to test Skype on them before they shipped.

Three days is quite the turnaround for a fix, and Microsoft’s Ellen Kilbourne and Skype Support have been quite transparent about the progress that they were making, and communicating that via Twitter.


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