What you get when you use our Internet Radio

#1 beyond Niche Awareness

This helps you get beyond your planned reach as Internet Radio won’t only get to your planned audience but beyond those you budgeted for. More than 50 Million people in the world live stream so as to get information on what they don’t know and also get closer to what they have passion for.

#2 reaching out to the right people

The station is set to target various set of people in relation to the program set aside on it. So in respect to this, your brand jingle comes up in the program that best suit what your brand is all about. This help get the maximum result from your jingle.

#3 Rapid and Consistent Growth

Your Business grow on a steady flow as internet attract different people at different point in time. so there is no way your reach or awareness fall on the flow chat






Apart from reaching out to your audience on social platforms, internet radio serve our patronizing customer a FREE one month jingle on the platform to reach out to more than a million listener worldwide. 

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Internet Radio Jingle: Process

#1 to be part of this fast growing channel of advertisement, u must have patronized us from any of our services if you are to benefit from the first free month of advertisement. But for new subscriber that this will be their first time, it won’t be free.

#2 contact to be featured on the channel

#3 we will then design the best strategy to give you the best

#4 one of our experts will then contact you and review this plans with you.

#5 your job will now be executed base on what is concluded on in the previous step

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