One movie that has left many trooping to the cinemas to watch is the marvel movie, Spider-man: No Way Home. The movie has got a lot of people talking despite the whole Coronavirus phase, where we saw just a few movies perform well in the box office.

Last year we did not see that many movies do well in cinemas, where we thought No time To Die would be the highest-grossing for last year with $774 million but many were stunned upon the release of Spider-man which has soon hit the 1 billion mark upon its release in the box office.

We saw a lot of people rush to see the movie out of the fear of hearing spoilers from those that have seen the movie which was one of the reasons why we saw a global opening of $600 million and that was when everyone knew that we might just see the movie hit the billion-dollar mark before the year runs out.

A lot of analysts believed that after the heat from the first weekend, the movie would eventually die down, but that has not been the case as we still see people trooping to the cinemas to watch the movie.

Even in Nigeria, we still hear that the tickets of the Spider-man: No Way Home have been sold out, as we still see the cinemas packed with people who want to see the movie, and despite being close to a month old, the hype is still around it, and it is just as good as people claim it to be.

Spider-man: No Way Home is a 2021 American superhero movie based on the Marvel character, Spider-man, the movie was directed by Jon Watts and written by Erik Sommers and Chris Mckenna. Its cast comprises of stars like Tom Holland, Zendaya, Jamie Foxx, Andrew Garfield, Toby Maguire and many others.

In the movie, we saw the previous villains and the previous Spider-men enter Peter Parker’s universe.

And this was because Peter Parker asks Dr Strange to use magic to make his Spider-man identity secret again following its public revelation at the end of Far From Home and when the spell goes wrong, the multiverse is broken open which allows supervillains and heroes from alternate realities to enter Parker’s universe.

With a budget of $200 million, the movie has hit $1.380 billion in the box office upon its release.

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