Huh? Married Nigerian woman exposes her lesbian partner she lent N80k and has refused to pay back, shares dirty chats and video

What you’re about to read, *in Efe’s Voice*, will burst your kidney! You know normally, in a situations like this, it’s usually the Girlfriend of a married woman that calls the other out.. But then, reverse is the case, and it’s got us all shook!


A married Nigerian woman, Identified as Faith, shared with YabaLeftOnline, exposing her ex girlfriend, a former lesbian, identified as Belinda, who she helped with the sum of ove N80,000 to push her business, and has refused to pay her back.

Apparently, after Belinda’s business picked, she’s refused to refund the capital that was sent to her by her former lover, Faith.


Faith demanded for her money back, but then, belinda refused to pay her back.. Faith even went as far as going through Belinda’s relatives, but all to no avail.. Instead, Belinda denied ever knowing who Faith is, and also denied any relationship with her whatsoever..

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So, she chose to expose Belinda on Social Media. Faith also shared with us a video of Belinda sucking her privates… But then, it’s too raw we can’t share, But below is a screenshot from the video;

It should also be noted, that Faith gave full permission to attach her pictures with this story.. She also revealed to us, that her husband knew she was or still a lesbian before he got married to her.

Read below conversation between Faith and Belinda, on how they met, agreed to fornicate together, etcetera.


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