I have heard several perspective on K Dramas, Most people get to only see the romantic and comedic side of Korean dramas, because after all that is what they feel is really popular among korean dramas.

But it is a different story when you get to see dramas that actually keep you on your toes, dramas that are suspense filled, different from the romantic comedy genre we usually get.

This is exactly what OCN has to offer. I stumbled upon the drama, TELL ME WHAT YOU SAW, and I can assure you, that drama will leave you asking questions.

The graphics, storyline, even the plot twist were all on point, it is definitely a good one to watch. Just 16 episodes for those who don’t enjoy long dramas, and a complete contrast from the usual rom-com dramas.

This suspense and thriller filled drama talks about a brilliant and eccentric profiler who returns from seclusion or rather hiding to team up with a rookie detective who has a photographic memory to solve a series of serial murders one of which was the profiler’s fiancee.

The main aim of the partnership was to find “The Guy” who was the most notorious serial killer and who was also responsible for the death of his Fiancee. Secrets and cover ups would be exposed in this mind blowing series.

Every single episode was worth it, and it even left me wishing the serial killer was not caught at the end. It is filled with a lot of plot twists and thrills and so many secrets, definitely worth it.

With top notch acting and sublime story telling and plot twists I rate this series 8.5/10. Wonderful attempt.

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