[FUN] Daily Rants With Akingbade Ademide

Okay, on to the next patient!

No mad police is looking for my sister to arrest her because I broke someone’s head in town with wood.

No girl is looking for my brother to sleep with him to punish me for breaking up with her.

No girl is looking for bae to put poison in her food because I broke her heart..

No angry mob is searching for my mother to lynch her because I caused someone’s death in our neighborhood.

No young man is looking for my father to hurl insults at him because I duped him of his hard earned currencies..

No one is looking for our family house to pull it down because I misrepresented the family in the high place I found myself.

And most importantly, and quite unfortunate, no one, is looking for me, to spend their money with them. Either hard earned or soft earned money, call me, I’m a soft spender.



Akingbade Ademide

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