Former Gucci Employee Sues Company Over Sexual Harassment

A former employee of Gucci, Chanel Falasco is suing the popular luxury brand claiming her manager at the downtown Chicago store followed her into a storage room and pulled out his p*nis.

In documents obtained by TMZ, Falasco says the manager tried kissing her and grabbed her by the neck, torso and ass.

She claims in 2015 she was mortified when he pulled down his pants in the storage room and told her to perform oral sex on him, or “at least just touch it.”

According to Falasco, she complained to a higher-up, but Gucci didn’t do nearly enough to address the situation, especially because it knew the manager had behaved inappropriately with other employees before.

She’s now suing Gucci for unspecified damages but then TMZ reached out to Gucci and they had no comment.

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