Another series to watch out for is Killing Eve.

Killing Eve is a British black comedy-drama spy thriller television series. It’s first episode was released in 2018,with just 3 seasons to its name, a total of 72 episodes has been released, 24 episodes per season. With Killing Eve in it’s third season you can expect more of which is to come in the fourth.

The series simply talks about a British agent who seems overly interested in female assassins, their psychology and their method of killing. She was than fired from the British intelligence agency, MI5 for an unethical behind the scenes investigation, but luckily for her she was recruited to join a special task force in the MI6, where she is called to capture a female serial killer.
At first things go on as they should, but as times goes on, they both become obsessed with one another (the MI6 agent and the serial killer). And both of them begin to lose focus of their initial mission in order to desperately learn about the other.

Although I’m still watching the third season, I can categorically say that killing Eve is unmatched and is a must watch, the twisted love and affection might save or destroy them both. Sandra Oh’s performance is worth mentioning as she portrays her role well as Eve. We can see that her character harbors the darkest and twisted of fantasies. I rate it an 8/10 for me

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