Focus on Reminisce: Who is to be blamed for lack of depth in Nigeria Music Industry?

Ok so I recently wrote my project on Orality and Language aesthetics in the music of Abolore Akande (9ice) and Remilekun Abdulkhalid Safari (Reminisce) and it was received with mixed reaction from the defence committee. The eligibility of the entire Nigerian music industry was put under severe scrutiny.


The defence committee felt that the Nigerian music industry in the 21st century lacked the full credibility to be used as a research work. I tried to analyses the language structure and the originality of the music industry using the two indigenous giants 9ice and Reminisce with a new kid on the bloc Sisdab also featuring in the project. I picked these artists because of their Multilingual style of music.

To justify my point that music in the 21st century is actually rich in culture and has in depth.


With the reaction I received I could not help but ask my self what exactly was wrong with the Nigerian music industry and was it truly lacking in depth? Why do people refer to the music of the past? Finally, who was to be blamed; the artistes, the producers or even the fans? what can be done to solve the problem?

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