Find it difficult earning online? Here Are 5 Ways To Make Money Online

Before you go down this article, i would love to let you know that the internent space is the largest in the world right now and there’s is one thing paramount to a place that has a lot of people and that is opportunities, a lot of opportunities for those wise and patient enough to dig it out.

As much as there will be opportunities in a place where there are clusters of people, other definite things that will exist is deciet, competition and a lot of belief( whether real or not).

There are legitimate way to earn online definitely ranging from working professionally online to working on sometimes that promises to pay for doing different tasks to even online scam.

In this Article I will focus on ways you can earn online without being a professional at anything which means I’ll be telling you websites and platforms that actually pay you.

Before we proceed I will like to prepare your mind that this article doesn’t promise you’ll become a millionaire overnight but at least you can earn reasonably online.

1.) Online survey sites

Most people think survey websites are just a waste of time, but I believe information always comes at a price and although most of this survey sites hoards the money the bidder pays them to get information.

As of the moment there’s only one or two Nigerian survey platforms that pay. But as at that they pay very little.

Although a lot of survey sites pay in Europe and America but most of them make Africa ineligible and you can only pass through a few and earn using VPN.

Survey sites like onepoll, pollpay will pay you once you use a good VPN, have a good network, have a PayPal account and of course are patient enough to answer long surveys to earn. I have seen people earn first hand from this websites. You can earn up to $50 a week if you put in hardwork.

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Trivia Platform

As of now the only trivia platform that pays you for answering questions and is visible in Nigeria is Carry1st. Although I have not seen anyone earn personally but given the money they put into making ads using different celebrities they’ve got to be paying and I have taken time to check their platform and they seem okay.

Research Platforms

Most people are unaware of the existence of this platform given that they are always majorly not eligible to Nigeria but then a few smart people have found there way around this research platforms using the VPN and some tweaks. Facebook research is a typical example in where a lot of guys earned $500 upward monthly for up to six months just to install the app and keep it running in background on their phone. They pay well because the Facebook research app was meant to gather market information for Facebook as regards consumer activities.

There are also a few research platforms like this that make you run apps in background and pay you for it.

Betting sites

Well, as rogue as this inclusion might look, it is one of the surest way to actually earn online. All you have to do is to predict the outcome of a game put your money in it for a better return. Although a lot of people lose a lot of money into betting, a lot also win huge money from betting.

A few wise bettors bank huge money on low odds to get steady income which is a 70% potent chance and a few successful ones earn from it daily and has turned it to a lucrative employment. I mean you never can tell, the odds could be in your favour.

Any website that doesn’t promise you unrealistic money

Cryptocurrency Trading

The crypto sector is arguably the fastest growing sector in the last 5 years and a lot of consumers have tapped into the virtual currency world. As much as banks all over the world have tried to kill the crypto revival by putting up a lot of cashless policies to compete with the crypto system, it has seem to have little or no effect on it as the crypto system is a genius work that has come to stay!!!

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It’s all now looking like the crypto system having allowed the creation of virtual currency in different dimensions is winning a lot due to it’s flexibility.

The head boy of the crypto world been the bitcoin with a current worth of about $10,000 for just a single btc is arguably the best currency to possess right now. The crypto world is one driven by market activities giving opportunities for the existence of crypto traders, who make there money by just trading in the currency with motto of buy low, sell high and don’t hold too long or else deep catches you!

Any website that doesn’t promise you unrealistic money

I think most times we fall into the trap of getting scammed or not getting anything after putting in a lot because we want unrealistic money. Money doesn’t grow on trees and nothing good comes really easy and bulky. Let’s always weigh the odds and imagine what’s the source of income of this site that promises paying me.. The easy way to test sometimes is by typing the name of the website on google, to gather information about the website. Trust me you’ll know your stand after the search.

It’s a wrap for now guys. Very soon I’ll taking us through professional ways to earn real money online.

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