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[EDITORIAL] Nigerian Youths Are Hardworking #LazyNigerianYouths

Da’Prince writes.

Because he is ruling for the second time,
Because we assumed to rule is a crime.
Because we couldn’t challenge our leaders,
Because we are afraid to climb political ladders.
We are lazy, because we are ripe enough to rule,
But prefer to hide in the shadows of those fools.

He is right, the youths have proven lazy,
Waiting for him to say, we’re still crazy.
We keep running away from our responsibilities,
As the old hags take advantage of our incapabilities.
Those with weapons to fight were nowhere,
To liberate and bring our comforts near.

Lazy because our struggles yielded no gains,
Lazy because our toils ended in massive pains.
Lazy because democracy has crippled our rights,
Lazy because hardship has damaged our sights.
Lazy because there’s nothing to show for our education,
Lazy because there’s no way we would escape the suffocation.

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In 2015, we made sacrifices, even when it rains,
Of course, Buhari would come to us again,
To appease the ‘fooling youths’ to vote,
And canvass others, he regards as goat.
We’re lazy, because the government has failed,
We’re lazy, because he could no longer be hailed.

It’s hightime we checked ourselves,
It’s hightime we cleared our shelves.
It’s hightime we hijacked the baton,
It’s hightime we struck like python.
It’s hightime we responded to these claims,
It’s hightime we whittled these shames.

… When taken for granted, gold in one’s hand is sometimes considered as a cheap copper. I hope in 2019, we won’t be lazy to show him the way out of the rock? And let his children Fatima, Hadiza, Safinatu, Aisha, Halima, Yusuf, Zarah and Amina, who are not lazy vote for him.

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