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……….it was her boyfriend, he came over and crawled between her legs and started to block her p*ssy and her body. She was so into it that she went with it. When he finished, he looked at me and I had a look of WTF!!? on my face and she sat up and asked him to explain why he swallowed my load from my cock and then ate my load off her body.

He explained that while he was at the College, he experimented with a couple of guys and he really likes the taste of summer and sucking cock. She asked him if he was gay now, and he replied that at the minimum he was bisexual. They argued for a while because never discussed this side of his sexuality with her……. “

I found it difficult to concentrate on my studies and also to combine my post as the class governor. The thoughts, post held, and friendship with Tracy keeps tormenting me day and night. I tried to mend my ways in order to ensure I don’t walk in her path.

It was mid semester, we gotta prepare for tests and exams.

One morning, I got a call from a lecturer about organizing tutorials and extra classes. I was led to meet one of the tutorial coordinator. He handed over to me some tutorial form for sale to students interested.

The duty of the class governor became more stressful as I had to attend to lots of students who wants the form. It got to a point I had to make them come to my hostel if I was unable to make it to school.

It occurred to me that I didn’t see Tracy come for the form. I was astonished as I thought she was not interested. I felt bad within me, I knew it was my attitude towards her that didn’t make her come for the form. I felt guilty, I thought of means to make sure I get to her.

Right inside of me, I wanted her badly, but my first impression towards her was very bad.

Very early the next morning, I was seated quietly in the lecture theatre as I attend to my colleagues in need of the tutorial form. If nothing will drive my attention towards the appearance of a very clean gold skin looking like that on an angel walking into the lecture theatre, then it will be Tracy’s pierced nipple. She walked majestically with her friends laughing into the Hall. Immediately she spotted me, she stopped laughing, I was so down as I needed the courage to confront her, I thought of what to say for few minutes. Just in time my inner man pulled me off the chair as I walked towards her.

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“Good morning Tracy”. I said.

It took her seconds before acknowledging the fact that someone Was greeting, she was looking furious as she responded.

” How can I be of help? ”

I felt embarrassed, feeling as tho I already peed in my pant. It occurred to my imagination that the Hall was already upside down. As a guy who believes that what ever is worth doing is worth doing well, I summoned courage as I became audacious to her.

“I noticed you didn’t come for the tutorial form”.
I exclaimed.

“It’s of no use walking up to get a form from the Pride Lord”. She said.

I smiled it off just to get the conversation going..

” It’s okay, I really don’t have then with me at the moment, but will get you one tomorrow when coming to school” I told her.

“Oh really? , you don’t need that, why can I just come for it later in the day in your hostel, how about that?” She said.

I didn’t know if I should object or affirm that, but it’s not a big deal. I thought within me as I shook hands with her. I couldn’t resist the romantic warmth from her palm. I was so happy she was coming over, at least making friends with her to keep head straight.

I got back to my hostel very early that day. I thought of so many things that made me horny for the past couple of days. And Jerking off takes too much energy these days, I can’t really find the time and the place to let loose my cock and jerk it off. So I had to wait to save for a day like this she would come visiting.

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It was already 7:30pm, I waited patiently for Tracy but she didn’t show up. Just as I was about to lay my head on the pillow to sleep, I heard a knock on the door.
“Who is that? ” I screamed

Not even waiting for response, I opened the door very fast. It was Tracy standing at the door. As I was about to shake hands with her, I dropped my single key.

“Did you drop the key on purpose? ” She asked

“Maybe I did” I replied.

“It will be difficult to find in this room, it’s dark inside” She said,
as we walked into the room.
Tracy walked right next to me and worth of guided me to the room where it was really dark like she said.

We searched, or rather pretend to search for the key for a brief moment. She turned around, and beckoned me to stand behind her in a very convenient position for a quick f**k.

Instantly we knew what to do.

She lowered her pant at the same time as I did mine, and already her lips were glistening with wet juice. All the dirty thoughts I had during the day must have paved the way for me.

I used a bit spit and my cock went straight in without resistance. I could feel I was getting deep down on her. The danger and the thrill plus a random cock in her p*ssy made her orgasm and I could feel the wetness all the way down to my balls.

And then I came. I poured all that I’ve been saving directly Into a 20 years old Tracy right in my room. After I shot the last drop into her, there came the sound of footsteps towards my door………….. I paused for a while……. Then heard a hard bang on the door….. 😨

“Who is that? ” I shouted……..

(Episode 5)……………

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