“Hard as Rock 🍆”

Walking smartly into the lecture theatre is the faculty president. “Good morning, I would like the aspirants to step out please”; he said. Three tall good looking guys with political grids boldly written on their faces stepped out, I was surprised Tracy didn’t step out. I wonder what she is up to.

” Is that all? “; the president asked as proceeded saying, ” According to the Constitution, at least 4 aspirants must be presented to contest for the post of Class Governor ” He requested for one more aspirant to fill the space.

There were noises, rants, and murmuring. To my surprise, my so called friends started screaming my name; I was shocked and at the same time laughing. I laughed because it looks like a test of time we all might never pass if eventually I step out to contest for the post. On hearing my name, the president ordered me to step out.

I was so confident as I knew no one would wanna vote me in. The president then told us to give at least 2 minutes manifesto each. I was dumb for more than a minute as fear gripped me. “How can I speak to people I don’t even talk to? “; I asked myself.

To cut the long story, I delivered my manifesto. They were all surprised to have heard from me. No one knows me to be a public speaker, and I always believe I’m the best in whatever I do. I was applauded loudly as the closed ballot was casted. Right in the middle row of the chairs in the lecture theatre was Tracy ,gazing at me with confusion written over her.

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I have nothing to do with you“; I thought within me. I knew very well she was wallowing in the pit of doubt contemplating if she should vote for me or not.

I looked at her so bad that she had to take her eyes off me, despite the fact that I found it difficult to take my eyes off her cleavages.

I was looking pale as the votes are counted, What do you expect??? I emerged the winner.
“I’m a fool”; I said to myself.

Putting the whole blame on my friends for making me step out to contest. They were happy instead, thinking everything I’ll do will always be in their favor.

I sat quietly in the lecture theatre as I watched everyone left for their hostels.

That was a very nice speech you gave”; a very faint voice coming from someone behind me. I turned around to say thank you, only to find out it was the same girl who was staring at me during the election. I felt reluctant to say thank you, because I really never wanted to make friends with her. Not just her precisely, but with any girl on campus.


I took my bag as I stood up walking out on her. She followed me having her bag with her. “I’ll walk with you”; she said. ” I don’t think that’s necessary “;I said. She kept chattering as we walk. “By the way you really gave a lovely speech during your manifesto, Congratulations on your……….. ( I cut it) ” Hello!!, I’ve finally had enough’ excuse me I’d rather walk alone………….. “

Sincerely, I didn’t mean to be rude but the memories of my worse encounter with a lady ( My neighbor) has had me brain washed…..

That night at my neighbor’s house……

“I could have taken my chances to run out of her house that very night , but I was so scared of what could happen at the middle of the night, I stayed for minutes watching them both.

I was getting hard as a rock and she asked me to play with myself while they fucked. Her bf said i should go for it. So I pulled it out and was stroking it. She told me to move over next to them so they could both watch. I was literally a foot from their heads. I kept stroking, and right as I was about to cum, I said “I am going to cum.” All of a sudden………….

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