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“…… he jumped up and wrapped his mouth around my cock, and swallowed the whole load.
He was all embarrassed he got up and ran into the bathroom leaving his gf and myself wondering what the fuck just happened. He stayed there for quite a while.

She got up to check on him but he wouldn’t come out of the bathroom, so she threatened to fuck me if he didn’t come out to explain what just happened”.

All of these couldn’t just set me free to be my normal self. I vowed never to tell this to anyone, not even my parents.

I felt the shock as I screamed at Tracy to get away and walk her way off my path. I walked so fast, as fast as my legs could Carry me.

I got back to my hostel frustrated, I couldn’t help thinking about my harsh attitudes towards Tracy, I discovered I’ve been captured by the sight of her beauty and all that she acquire, I understand the fact that all she wanted was friendship but spitting out how hard I’m being tormented by my past was a threatening factor. I tried to lay in bed to have a sound sleep but can’t think about anything else but sex.


Every word, every phrase, constant pulsing, cock easily aroused just by moving in the bed, its like peeing your pants a little and feeling the warm wetness which eventually becomes cold and uncomfortable after a while. Lips getting fat, skin tingles, imagining hyper aware of her breasts in her bra and wanting them to be fondled.

Constantly deep breathing trying to control the urges. I really didn’t know how to describe it from memories, not horny right now. Seconds passed, minutes and hours, I finally had a sound sleep.

Being the class governor of over 1,300 student was not an easy task, as I tend to work with cool, crazy, frustrating, and annoying ones. Sometimes I regret ever becoming the class governor as I find it difficult to build proper communication relationships with my colleagues.

Tracy has always been herself ever since we departed on our way home, someone who used to crave to talk to me, now shows a carefree attitude. Each time I tried looking straight into her eyes I get tormented the more.

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“If only it all ended there, the moments her boyfriend didn’t come out of the bathroom, she came back and started sucking on my cock not even considering the fact that she is 8 years older than I am.

Eventually, that night I started fucking her, she is so good at sucking cock as I also made her cum by eating her pussy. I was so irritated, I just decided to stop speaking. I put her on her Back and pulled her legs apart. I started right in fucking much faster than I should.

I really had no idea of what I was doing. We had no idea he was watching. When I was about to cum, I pulled out and a hot on her stomach and outside her pussy.

I crawled off and we were both laying there exhausted, she with her legs still spread and my cum dropping down and me just laying there. As we were resting from the sex romp, a loud angry voice approached with trembling steps, we both said “who’s that with fright”……..

(Episode 4)…………….

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