David Beckham feels ‘Heartbreak’ as his Sons Don’t Play Football

He’s one of the most famous footballers the world has ever seen, but David Beckham has a problem – his three boys don’t have ambitions of playing the beautiful game professionally.

Appearing on BBC One’s The Graham Norton Show, the 43-year-old former England captain said it was ‘heartbreaking’ that his sons no longer play the sport after going through Arsenal’s training academy.

However, every cloud has a silver lining, and in this case it’s the fact that his six-year-old daughter Harper does seem to love playing the sport.

“Harper is playing every Sunday and loves it,” he told the host. “The boys don’t play and it’s heartbreaking. They have a talent, but it’s down to Harper now.”

To be fair, trying to live up to your Becks’ achievements would be an incredible challenge for anybody, so it’s no wonder that his boys are shying away from it.

David and his wife Victoria had their first child, Brooklyn Joseph Beckham, in 1999. Second child Romeo James was born in 2002, with Cruz David being born in 2005.

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There was a bit of a gap after that, but in 2011, Victoria gave birth to the couple’s first daughter, Harper Seven.

While that might seem like a bit of a strange middle name, it makes perfect sense when you remember that that was the number David Beckham wore when he played for Manchester United.

So in a way, it seems like destiny that she’s the one set to continue his legacy on the pitch. Of course, that comes with its own set of problems, as David revealed to Graham Norton.

“I get very enthusiastic when watching her,” the footballing hero said. “The other day a boy took her down and I had to think how to react with all the other parents watching me.

“Do I act like a Unicef ambassador or do I act like Harper’s daddy? In the end, I let it go!”

Probably a wise move, David. Hopefully him telling the world about his daughter’s prowess for the sport won’t put her off, as that’s a whole lot of pressure to put on her shoulders.

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