1. *Rant_141*

Issa up NEPA, after 32 days of no NEPA.
The only movie I was able to see was the one in darkness, my wall as the boss, I as the actor, my forehead as the victim.. I’m now so good at hitting my head on the wall, my head can now break bottles!

Oh NO! Is my wall socket still functioning? How do I even turn it on?
Rat infact has feasted on my extension box wires, OMG! what sort of life!

Bola check that telifisan, test run the deck too.. Hello o, 1,2. Grrrrrrrr, tufugffyfg.

Still functioning?

Bro, it’s not functioning properly! Sounds like rats are inside.
OMG! what sort of life!

Pish, electric bulb one, pish, electric bulb two, pisssssshhhh, no more electric bulb!

Now we’ve lost bulbs, na only us Waka come?

Ko ko ko oo..

Yes, who’s at the door?

NEPA sa!

NE wh at! Hold on oo..
Any problem?

Not at all, we brought your NEPA bills sir..

Wat! How mush is dia?

32 taasan sir! for the month of November, December, January, February, M..

“Hold on sir, hold on, lemme faint, kontinu when I wake up after 32 years..”

Hello Nigerians! Are we still dia?

*Akingbade Ademide*

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