Legal luminaries will always tell you that ignorance is not an excuse in the court of law, being ignorant about law of growth is dangerously killing us, youths to be specific, entrepreneurers and many potentials to be more specific. A seed has a potential of becoming a big giant tree but it will have to spend many years of achieving that while busy spreading and deepening its roots to acquire water and other nutrients to sustain itself throughout those years.

Why aiming for millions and billions when you haven’t gotten or worked for N1000?, According to law of growth, N5,000 comes before N10,000, N100,000. Although is good to aim high, aim high but start small, I have seen people that have been working round the clock for 10years and nothing came out of it, not until they applied law of growth and made it surprisingly by aiming for N10,000 first before N100,000 and they made it at a blink of 2years.

We will be doing ourselves more harm than good by spending more than what we truly worth. Instead of thinking big and start small, but rather thought big and started big which doesn’t conforms with law of growth. When you show diligence in small things, then you are worthy of many, this is wisdom of ages.


Now I see how and why MMM founder was successful, people failed to adhere strictly to law of growth, that’s why they were frauded. Do you think white men were so stupid to part away with millions of dollars to yahoo-yahoo boys, but we didn’t realize we are smarter than what we think of ourself, we didn’t follow the law of growth, we want millions at very young age but remember that young plants were not intimidated and jealous of big and giant Oak tree while they were still growing but busy following the laws of nature and taping there roots to right place and strengthening theirselves.

I want you to believe that crime does not pay, and if you believe is working for some people now but note that whatever you do will return back to you in hundred fold. Now is now left to horse to drink after you have successfully brought him to the stream. Seek wisdom and understanding, wisdom is not knowledge but an applied knowledge. Hope you will make it honourably to the top, I will be waiting for you there.


(Acknowledgement: Millionaires Academy, Akingbade Ademide, Olagunju Boluwatife, Justice Luminaries, Activists, Advocates of Peace And The Pace Setters)

This also does it quitely and efficiently, this being the last part of my campaign #FindSomethingToDo which I must acknowledge those that motivated, nurtured and always keep me at the driver’s seat aforementioned, I wrote all these write-ups out of punishable schedule and with passion, which I know you have learnt one or two things from it. Although this is my first campaign and surely it won’t be my last.

Love you all 😍


Pen warrior

Olagunju Oluwaponmile (Mr Folap)

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