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Truly everybody is looking for something, something that bothers you everyday, something that makes you weary on your struggle and each day being spent makes it seems so far away from where you want to be, everything you have achieved seems so small and it is nothing to write home about. 

Sometimes you ask yourself some rhetorical questions like *Am I Too Greedy Towards My Dream?* *Am I Not Trying Enough?*. At this point, you will have this swinging thoughts in your mind and if care is not taken you might get frustrated. This is time many people are stumbling, this is the time you need to refuel, you need more nitro, strength and courage.

Don’t forget that pressure makes diamond, which is much more harder than stone. Use whatever you get to make your dream come true, your sweat and strength will make it much more stronger. The road might be rocky and rubble but it will get finer as each day goes on.

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May be you have struggled to achieve something outstandingly in a day and you feel you can brag about it, you feel you are on top of the world and can’t fall. To be sincere nothing last forever which is natural but it is usually caused by concomitants of over celebration of an unanticipated success. Remember that you can only maintain your balance when you keep pedaling the bicycle without distractions.

Celebration is the modus-ponens of success but moderation is very essential, don’t celebrate without limit, don’t be blindfolded with your success but rather think more of aggrandizing and building on it. Celebrate little and pick up something from where you stopped and carry on.


Mr Folap

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