After days of campaign, debates, manifesto and convincing lots that they are going there to serve. National association of Agricultural students conducted their presidential election to determine the number one student in the faculty.

With Samson Olakojo a.ka Kojo and Peter Andrew Olumide a.k.a Oluomo the standout aspirants. Students gather in the faculty to cast their vote, with over 300 registered voters the voting started around 12:30pm.

All students voted and counting of the votes commenced, with Bankuli and Romeo also aiming for the post of vice president in the faculty. Their results were first to be announced and Bankuli lead with a staggering 60%+

Hearts beating fast and tension started rising as the presidential votes were counted, Kojo had an early lead which he had till the end and left Oluomo chasing shadows with no clues.

With 25% void and Kojo massing 49%+ of the votes, he was declared the winner of the polls.

In his words, Oluomo congratulated Kojo saying; Congratulations to you brother Samkojo….. United we stand..

Thanking his supporters he said: I wanna say a very big thank for your support…. Please let the support continue and believe together we stand…. I love you all thank you….

We didn’t lose…. ✅✅✅✅

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