As we present a pre-planned manifesto by the candidates, to show they have plans for us but then how is their reaction to unprepared events or how well have they read the situation of things in the community, we can even say how much do they know the community??????

COA election is almost upon us, here at Michest Blog, we bring you what both presidential candidate has in plan for the faculty.

I am Peter Andrew Olumide, I also a student from Osun state university college of agriculture, Ejigbo campus. I am currently in 400 level from the department of animal science. I absolutely love this college and I want to help build a wonderful student community. I envision a union which is happy, safe and welcoming for every students of this campus.


(1) Two time member of the Student representative council (SRC)
(2) Vice president of Animal science student association (ASSA)

My Agenda

To create a better environment for learning and social interaction Among all the students, the management and lecturers.

1. Inauguration of new Students Representative Council

2. Better Welfare for all students

3. Improvement in Academics…. Better and reformed tutorials for Freshers…

4. Excursions

5. Congresses…

6. Sports

7. Dinner nights and awards for excellence and contributions towards the development of the campus.

If I am given the opportunity to become the President of this great faculty, I will try all my possible best to execute all the aspects mentioned above. So help me God.
God bless Uniosun
God bless CoA
God bless us all.

I’ve always believed the true definition of a successful association is the success of the members altogether. The personal and collective growth of all individuals of the association is just the same as the growth of the association.

While there might be a need to show physically the progress of the association I still believe that that the growth of the association can be measured by how each individually has developed to adapt to the ever changing society and environment.

We all are here to study, I mean that’s our primary assignment but all student still needs to participate in the curricula activities of the school to have a more effective and all round study program.

How do we achieve this without affecting our primary assignment and most importantly making the association progress?? The answer to the above question brings about a Ten Point Agenda, precise and straight forward to help the students and association at large.

1.Orientation for fresh students

2.Facilitating a peaceful and interactive community between staff and students.

3.Helping students in their educational lives

4.Improve sports for all students by introducing new sporting activities other than football

5.Promoting the student environment by improving on the social lifestyle

6.Getting up-to-date and meaningful informations

7.Having an impact on the local community

8.Maintenance, renovations and completion of projects by past administration

9.Setting up a good Alumni Association

10.Securing lives and properties of all students on and off campus .

Achieving all of this agenda will bring about a major development to the students and association at large.


A presidential debate are one of the best ways to decide who you are dedicating your future too. Join Mc_Makins & Jonthan Walters For COA PRESIDENTIAL DEBATE LIVE ON UNIOSUN FM!!!

Date: 13th January, 2019.

You can listen live via

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