CHRONICLES OF BUTOSH; Speaking The Language Of Love

Sometimes we complicate the little things in life.

No matter how strong or evil we are, we all got to love and be loved back. That’s what I see as the basis of life, we need to show love without expecting a thing in return.

I may be bad in a lot of things or do the worse things in life but when it comes to the matter of the heart, I never joke with it coz I know the pains that comes with it and how the healing process takes so long. Some people are kings and queen of heartbreak and I wonder how they survive through the guilt. I’ve never been a cheating or disrespectful guy to any of my ex but I’ve never been to serious that’s why I have ex.

There are only two things that matter when your in love with someone, trust and respect. Tho love needs to be rekindled no matter how high or hot it’s burning at first. Some people feel they fell out of love or they stopped loving someone but fail to realize they only need to keep up the energy they started with in the first 2 months of the relationship. I’ll give an instance, using a gas cylinder and you light it up, it only takes time for the gas to be exhausted and the fire stop burning. Not that the cylinder is faulty but you only need to refill the gas to keep the fire burning again, that’s just the concept of love.

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Talking about respect and trust in love, you will always love who you respect. The moment the respect is still there then the fire of the love keeps burning, when you trust someone that much it only takes little effort for you to love someone. So I say this most times when asked about how to have a successful relationship, I don’t ever mention love coz I know it comes in handy when you trust and respect someone.

Btw I’m in love again with someone I thought I got over and the cold ice is burning me again.

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