I really do appreciate those that listened o radio on the launch of our new track, i and Michest himself with the song titled FIRST TIME. We really do appreciate.
Bad Belle how market?

This is probably the First Time, you hear my singing voice, all those ones, wey you dey here wey you go dey use style abuse me, those ones na just intro.

Like i said in the previous episode, always be yourself, and find your purpose, life doesn’t really come off easy for everyone, just take your time and find what you’re really passionate about.

My body weak sef. To dey give motivational talk dey always dry my blood, i no know why, my body sha dey do me wayo.

I sha release my first track today, no be kuku my fault, i just dey cook my veggies as usual for kitchen when i hear one beat wey burst my dreadlock comot for my head. I sha freestyle on top the beat and me sef dey blush after i rap finish.
Na so my bro just decide to make beat make we just do something on top am. Na im we con reason say make we talk about the first time wey we do somethings.

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No moss no foss.

shay you sha like the track.


Abeg i don tire, make man go rest.

All work and no play makes Butosh a …….

google am

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