Shay you dey smell am too? Abi  you no feel am. Asin the kind smell wey dey smell for here these days don tire person, he dey weak me big time.

As in the kind peace wey dey my area dey weak me, everything just dey tire me. As i just wake up these morning i realise say my dream don come true. Satan don repent, Jesus do join music industry and God dey my front door dey shout my name.


he be like say i never wake up. Abeg check time for me?How i wancheck time for this dream sef

Datzmenoni: 45 minutes to 3

Butosh: chisus! Wetin you dey do for hear?

Datzmenoni: Shay be na you ask for time, i con think say make i quiqui con tell u na.

Butosh: Wetin, be your problem, your own dream no do you, abi wetin you dey find for my dream. He sure me say na hunger chase you con here

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Datzmenoni: Guy wetin na! we dey fight.

Butosh: He be like say u wan make thunder do field trip join you. Iffa wozz you ehn u no go comot for dream again.

Datzmenoni: Say wetin! iffa hear, for my own territory.

Butosh: My own dream na ur territory. I no get your time, make i just wake up jeje.


hmm. Na so i wake up o my people na so i see my nightmare again turn bedmare  for me

Butosh: who be dis

Datzmenoni: Datzmenoni noni

Butosh: na name be this or liability. My dream no do you abi, you kon sleep here again, no worry make i go kill you for dream. that way forensic no go find anything.


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