So lorokan i did a thorough background check on the self acclaimed 19 years old Nigerian goal keeper. It appears he has a younger brother who is about his age but doesn’t look pretty much as 1989 as he looks. How true is that? I don’t know but someone should go and do the check, i’m positive someone will find something.

From the Team captain Mikel Obi that promised us the world cup and swore to bring it home, to our players that were dancing shaku shaku before the match began to the nonsense ball they played, to the falling of the wall of Jericho and the nonsense speech the team gave after loosing to Croatia, i finally realised that our hope is long gone.


I don’t even want to start laying out point, because the whole internet might just crash. But just know that i am already in Lagos waiting for the super Eagles at the Airport, because if they aren’t coming with the World cup, the Ancestors will surely collect something, won’t they?

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We will kuku see what they are going to play against Iceland. If there’s anyone here who want to bet, comment below, that Nigeria won’t score a goal before returning home. Even if they win the World Cup, they would still not score a goal. You will see, we will see.

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