As i wake up this morning i juist realise say i wan carry heart attack comot from my body. since today na Moday, make i motivate una small with this one



I guess I’ve been spending more time with senseless

I’ve only been spending time with myself which makes me a bit smarter than someone else.

I mean I always wake up and see things the way you should be seeing it, you’re just another pinch of chalk that falls off when life start grinding it on the blackboard.

Deep inside, you feel like you’re meant to struggle and make it in life, but you always forget there’s a lot of numbers left even after your Zero hits Hundred.

I feel like there’s a feeling behind time

Some night I can barely sleep, and watch the time and it feels like it’s always waiting only if you don’t sleep off.


I feel like you’re working for the wrong shit.

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You’re just another confused soul waiting for something to happen, then you can pay your bills and buy the lies. What’s your purpose? I think your only purpose should be finding your purpose, but you just stay out cold and chase everything else so your life can get better, and you’re not realizing, you can only get better if you want your life to.

Find your life before the sun shines, cos when the sun shines, you’ll find your life a second before it dries out.  If you’re trying to be different, that means you’re no different.

Be who you are and not an abomination. Nigeria already has too many problems, don’t join it


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