I still never understand how person go just wake up early momo and no get plans for the day. Well, that one no even surprise me cos na how my life take be be that. Abeg no mind my pidgin english, no be say i no sabi, but this kind country wey person dey ehn, person IQ no matter, na connection and God fit carry you go places. Make i no forget money na the koko of every matter wey dey this world.

My name?
I no even sabi am again, but inside this kolotomy wey una dey so, ehm, you fit call me Butosh.

Na my tory be this o, even though i neva die, one person sha sit down for one corner dey write my biography. Wetin be him name sef, ehm… Doe Bades. Just sit down dey read dey go make i yarn you the true matter wey dey this life wey una dey live.
I hear say this tory na chronicles of Butosh. Ehn no wahala na but make una know say this one na chronicles of life.

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