Being a Nigerian everything wey person go dey do must to be partime.

As you dey see me so, i be partime scientist. i mean in the computer area. I be partime blogger wey no sabi spell some words. Sometimes i go just sit down for one corner dey reason, why life just be like this.

If person no careful for this country wey we dey so, your 4g network fit turn 2g or make you no fit browse at all sef. Na dis make youth for aija think say na only 3 things you do wey he sure say you go make am. Yahoo, Music, and Money ritual.

Baba mi, no go dey do fala fala because say you wan make am o. He sure me say you sabi rolling Dollar. Remember say him tey before him rich, no go dey think say because WIzkid dey top say you to gas dey there. DOnt be socially oppressed. Shine your eyes, wait for your time, wait for Jah.

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Street tough, but you go survive.

Butosh out.

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