Chronicles of Butosh Episode 2


Butosh: As dem take teach us for primary school say Nigeria hustle collect independence in the Year 1960, he be like say na October 1st, i no even remember again, boys no get time.

Audience: He be like say Amnesia don enter join the Konji wey dey hold you before, abi no be you talk say make i sit down if i wan hear wetin happen between you and that girl wey dey sell rice.

Butosh: Shu! how you take know say the girl wey dey gimmie Konji dey sell rice? You dey mad? Shay na you dey tell story for here? Abi you wan make thunder return you to 2017?

Audience: No vex. Na me pass my lane.

Butosh: Doe Bades he be like say you sef dey craze, sha na fight you wan dey write for episode 2? No let me curse you o.

Doe Bades: You’re welcome back from the break, let’s give you more updates

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Dis babe make brain no be small. Na she dey sell rice, He be like say mama put just hire dis one koz i never see her for here before. I Kon look myself from head to toe, i see say me sef no bad. i con move close the babe, i say,
“I wan buy rice”.

Butosh: Doe, you dey mad? How i go see fine babe talk pidgin. Na English i talk na.

“I want to buy rice”.

Me sef show her say i no be local guy. Na so she look my face, laugh, kon reply say.
“Na who, you dey speak English for?

Butosh: Doe Bades, wait! You wan die? Why you dey write yamayama for here, sahy na wetin she talk be that?

Doe Bades: Egbon wait sef! Wetin be your problem? Shay i go kon dey lie for the readers ni. You no sabi write you kon dey complain?

Butosh: Na Me you dey follow talk? Na Ogun go kill you for me. WO!Me i no be science student o, i bad pass Olamide wey be street king sef.

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Doe Bades: Dey whine yourself. OLamide na street king wey dey rule am from the city. Sitdown for there, Michest go blow before you open eye na you go be him PRO for street. Shio, dey claim street King, no go hustle.

Butosh: Me. HAAAAA! Otiku.

(Commotion starts) Chronicles of Butosh will continue if the fight is ever resolved.

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