Na so so mosquito just they bite person, for this place wey i sleep. i don join like three mosquito net together make the thing thick well well, i even add fishing net join make una take know how the matter dey hit me. Still i buy them still dey enter inside, i buy inside join, he just be like say na perfume i dey spray for my room.

I no kuku get choice than make i waka comot for house since 7 o clock don nak. i fiirst kneel down beside my bed make i first pray give baba God say i never die.
“Thank you heavenly father for the grace of life, be thou exalted in the name if Jesus. O lord, usher my way this week and be with me till the end of my days. Amen”.

You wonder say na correct english i speak? I dey always give God respect, Thunder fit strike person, if person dey talk yamayama give God. And remeber say na Naija we dey, we still dey Old Testament. Our Own Jesus still dey reason whether make him die for our sin, abi make him too enter music industry.

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Na so i stand up enter street. i never brush my teeth. Tuah. Who dey look Uche face.

Make i tell you one thing, if you like use am chop pepper soup. i pity you. Na your life dey disappear like Data plan so.

Young Black Nigerian, No dey dull, make you use your head, cos nobody send you. That one no mean say make you go dey do Yahoo. Wetin be my own sef.

I no know where this hunger take come from, but i sha branch mama put side make i chop with the last card wey dey my hand. Na so i site this babe o. i no one describe how the babe take look, cos most of una fit erect.

Wetin man go do o. i dey reason how i go take follow am yarn, koz the Konji wey i dey get now now pass Bulala own.

You one know wetin appen? Sit down, i dey come.

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