With UY Scuti meaning an hypergiant star, Olamide makes no mistake in making an impression of how bright a star He is.

Olamide pleased many of his fans after dropping his twelfth studio album, UY Scuti few weeks ago. The ten-track album features only one mainstream artist, Phyno. The album features other artists like, Fave, Jaywillz and Laydoe.

With Rock already making rounds online, it doesn’t fail to be one of people’s favorite on the album. Olamide focuses on appraisal for his woman and how best he will make her feel. Somebody featuring Phyno easily made it as one of my favorite off the album, with Phyno giving a full english rap for the first time in a long while.

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Other favorite songs from the album includes Need for speed, Jailer, Cup of tea, Julie and PonPon.

Jaywillz really owned the jailer song, he was awesome with the hook, delivering it with his amazing voice. Overall i’ll be giving the album a 6 as it lacks lyrical depth, but it’s a groovy sound.

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