Ok now new styles and trends have been set, everyone is talking about the latest clothes, shoes, necklaces and so on that lets us seem to forget an essential in every females wardrobe; it’s a BAG not just any bag, THE BAG.

Today I would be giving a suggestion on one I think you should check out most definitely, it is the chanel hand bag collection; from the CHANEL TRIM BROWLER TO THE BOY BRICK CLUTCH, THE FLAP BAG, BOWLING BAG and so on.

The incredible thing about Chanel bags is that it is a popular phenomenal around the world, this is because A-LIST actresses, socialites and royals own one. Yes ooo, the Duchess of Cambridge Kate owns one. At least if we aren’t marrying a royal we can sure treat ourselves as one. Shh don’t say I told you but Kim Kardiashian West actually owns fifty. The reason why top list celebrities patronize them is that no matter how expensive the bag might be, the urge to own one simply exist as they see it as a symbol of status and class.

Even if the price is alarming, the second hand bags are regarded as classics. Classics in the sense that they have been sold by people who own them to purchase another type. This allows them go for a minimal price, I own a red chanel flap bag, even if it’s a second hand one thing I can say for sure is that I never get tired of taking it to dinner or corporate events on the school premises as it diverts attention from my rumpled an d out of style clothes to this pretty bag.

Ladies I would definately encourage you to spoil yourself with one, it’s an advice though. Watch out for other bag prescription and description.

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