What You Should Know About The Philippines

Different cultures have different practices, each practice offers a new experience for people who want to experience it. The Philippines is not left out of this beautiful aspect of a new environment.

There are cultural practices people might be used to and there are others that leave you shocked. A better analysis of these practices is what we have looked at and even listed a few.

Using Spoon And Fork

In a typical table setting in the cultures of many, the utensil used for eating is usually a fork knife and spoon but in the Philippines, the option is rather than in the normal setting. Most people view this as strange but for the Filipinos, this is a normal style of eating. The main cutlery for eating is the spoon and the fork performs the function of a knife. It is usually used to push the food onto the spoon.

They Can’t Say “No”

As strange as this might sound Filipinos find it hard to say the word “No” to people. Even though they might decline later they do not come out straightly to say “No” first hand. They rather go for a more diplomatic answer of “I would try”. Now don’t get me wrong but the moment they use this word there is a 50% chance that they would not bother trying.

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As a new traveller in the Philippines, this is a particular experience that can leave you shocked or surprised, it is a very usual one for people who are Filipinos. It involves the Filipino children and grandchildren who rather than greeting with a handshake or a hug go for a rather elaborate greeting of taking the hand of an elder and putting it on their forehead in form of a greeting. This style of greeting is what the Filipinos call pagmamano.  This is viewed as a sign of respect in the Philippines and the greeting is usually done for someone that is older in age or very relevant in position in a religious setting.

Overall The Philippines is a beautiful place to visit and is very rich in culture as well.

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