A day that would always be remembered and never forgotten.

The 20th of October 2020 will forever be a dark day for Nigerians, and burna boy made sure that people never forget that day, as he released a song titled 20.10.20.

The song is a good one from burna boy. As the song speaks volumes, it simply talks about everything that happened before and after the massacre. Nigerians were only protesting to end the notorious SARS operatives, but the government could not contain the protest, decided to use the element of fear on the people.

The massacre was said to have been carried out by the people of the Armed Forces that night, and when they opened fire on them, people were telling each other to sit down, and we’re making sure that others knew that they were harmless. All these you can hear at the end of the song, from the cries of the people present that night, to the gunshot sounds, to them confirming that so many people lost their lives that night.

The song generally is a really touching one, and the ending just brings tears to one’s eyes, thinking about what happened that night. There’s no way one would listen to the song, and not feel heartbroken or tearful at the mere remembrance of that fateful night.

It was a good one from burna boy. And the song is beautiful.

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