The 19-year-old, who boasts 5.4 million fans on the image-sharing platform, recently posted a video montage of her famous curves, which has racked up nearly 1 million views so far. In the clip, the brunette beauty points her ample derrière towards the camera while wearing a tight skirt.

In another section, Jailyne addresses reports that she Photoshops her thighs by zooming in on her figure. Unsurprisingly, people had plenty to say about the post. “Damn I need to get a butt implant/injections like her,” one user wrote, while another said, “Seriously saying don’t tink [sic] u from dis earth.”

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While celebrating her 19th birthday on Jan. 9, the model posed for pictures in a nude bandeau and undies with frosting handprints all over her body. “Today is a very special day for me, and I’m thankful for everything I have accomplished so far in my life and for all the people who love me and support me,” she said. “And for those who don’t… thanks to them I had the motivation to keep striving and work harder to prove them wrong.”

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