MOTIVATION: Be Your Own Best Version

Be your own best version:

What does it mean to be your own best version? It simply means to be yourself. We fail in the process of trying to be another person. We all have our own best version but fail to be the at version because we want to be another person. Everyone has that thing we are good at; that makes us unique and better than the other person. When I filled my first jamb form I chose English and Literary studies because I loved Mrs Ajelero, My Literature teacher and I wanted to be like her. I wasn’t able to get admission that year, I obtained Jamb form the following year and I chose Law.

Why not English again? When I filled English the first year everyone was like why English? Why not Law? Law is a very good course it fits you bla bla so I got discouraged and decided to go for law. I wasn’t able to meet the cut off for Law and I was offered philosophy. I was indecisive, moreover I couldn’t decide what I wanted to study in the University. Being a member of press club in secondary school, there were days I read out news on the assembly ground.

I was doing well in press club and even served as the president in ss3.Writing and talking is my own best version, it’s what I love to do. Mrs Ajelero advised I study CLA or Mass Communication but I told her I prefer English. The person I wanted to be like knew my best version, she wanted me to be that version.

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I didn’t write my story to bore you or tell you what I love to do, I just wanted you to learn from my story. I’m happy I’m studying Philosophy, my thinking has changed, thanks to philosophy and I’ve learnt to stop being another person. I can’t be like Mrs Ajelero, she’s good at teaching because it’s her best version. I later discovered I’m not good at teaching. I’d have been a bad teacher if I still wanted to be like her. What am studying now can’t stop me from being a Media personality, Law is a professional course and I really don’t think I’d study law and not want be a lawyer.

My greatest regret or mistake in life was when I tried to be Mrs Ajelero. There are many people like me who at one time or the other have tried to be another person. We are all endowed with gifts, we can’t be good at everything. Mrs Ajelero is good at teaching but I suck at teaching, thus you want to be a footballer because the pay is high, leaving dancing which you’re really good at. Many of us hate to face reality, we hate the truth and never listen to the truth. You know you’re not good at this or that but you still want to do it because your role models are doing well. It’s cool to have role models, aspire to be better than your role models.

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I’m doing well at what I do now because I stopped being another person, stop being that person and be your own self. You might be good at singing, dancing, teaching, etc Even if it’s buying and selling you’re good at just do it. Your gift is your selling point all you need to do is to work on it, come up with something creative and start making money. I’m a writer, a campus journalist and very soon I’ll be a media personality all thanks to being myself, that’s my own best version, not teaching and not law.

What is yours? Discover it and start working on it.


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