[STORY] VEINS: Season 2 Episode 10

Do you have a brother? Do you love him? Would you do anything for him even if your brotherhood had been stained?
Life cannot always be the beautiful and complication free, sometimes they are some waves of the ocean just tend to wet our dry lands. Do whatever you can to help your brother…

General angrily switched off the TV as he heard the speech of Patrick Jones the motivational speaker was negating his thought. He picked up his cell to receive the call that he has been ignoring for the past one hour.
“I told you not to call me if you haven’t found my son”. He shouted.
“Boss, we’ve locked our target on where he might he.” A voice blared out of the phones speaker.
“How many percent?” General asked.
“A hundred percent boss.” The voice replied.
“Go in there,kill everybody and get my son out of there alive. If you do a nice job, you’ll be nicely rewarded”.
“Okay Boss, I won’t let you down.”


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General hung up and switched the TV on to at least try to listen to his favourite programme even though today’s edition is not inspiring.

What if the devil is at your door, would you be man enough to face it? Patrick kept smiling as words kept jumping out of his mouth. General’s phone rang again.

“Boss, we’ve got your son. We met no one there, we are on our way home.

“Great job, but that’s weird…” General was excited. His other phone started ringing.”Please hold on, I need to pick this other call”.
He switched phones. “Hello General”. Doe’s voice blared out of the phone. “Don’t be happy just yet, your son is as good as dead, he has been poisoned and only I have the antidote to it.”

“Damn you”. General shouted.

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