[RANTS] Lot Of Fakeness In Valentine


I don’t understand the concept of what everybody is celebrating today. Seem a lot of fakeness to me.

I understand the general concept of VALENTINE.

But I don’t understand what you all are celebrating.
Because, you all aren’t in love.
You can’t even give proper love, you won’t commit, never. You will never pledge your alliance to a weaker human around you, you will never level mountains and dry the oceans for the one you claim to love, you can never turn the desert into rainforest and rain forest into a desert for the one you’re in a relationship with. What’re you now yapping about valentine?

You’re not affectionate one bit. Your romantic affection is on a zero level. You know that, all it takes for you to be tired of that girl is for you to lay with her.
You know that you’re with that boy because he has money, you know that you are with that boy because he’s cute without brain.

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What’re you all now noising about this morning?

Your relationships does not matter to you because, you do not even give yourself love. Bringing someone else into that space is because you want something.

Your snake swallowing money love story will soon come to an end. There’s nothing special about today for the both of you, each of you know how clueless you’re, you just don’t have any idea how big that cluelesness is.

May God help you.


Akingbade Ademide

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