[LOVE STORY] RIDGES: Season 1 Episode 5

Life is awkward, or perhaps what i have turned it to look like. What would you do if you were in my shoes? You have a twin brother who doesn’t want you near his life because you’ve done more than enough to ruin it.

Its been two weeks now since i haven’t gone for lectures or entered the school compound. I can’t take the heat of seeing Janet(Daniel girlfriend) walking around my face. I cant keep lying about my identity.

I stood up from the bed i had slept on for hours. I went straight to the bathroom to shower, so as to go out and clear my head.

Its been really long i rode around in the city to see what it was like and the development that has happened during my absence.

The fat lecturer was one of the people that used my bother as a leverage for me to quit school and i hope Daniel understands that someday.

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He was then aspiring for a post. I cant even recall what post it was. But all i knew was a lot of influential students were also interested in the bull shit. I had to do a lot of bad things to get him safe even though he didn’t win the election. The fat lecturer had a son who was also interested in the post. Its just too complicated to explain. Angel the devil was a collateral damage to my unending quest of saving my brother. I wouldn’t really have sex with my twin’s girl for no reason.


I was already half way in driving round the whole city, the things i do when i want to free my head. I drove faster and faster, cos’ the express was free and i could drive the way i want.

On getting to Allen street just around the corner in the hotel where i reside. I know i was driving too fast but what could go wrong. I saw a lady appear from nowhere , i didn’t know what to do, i quickly pressed the break . On pressing it i noticed it was Janet i almost hit. When the car stopped, i didn’t know much that happened but i hit my chest on the steering and i passed out.

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