See padi mi, if you dey hustle and you no put sense join am, you just dey waste your time ni o. Better sitdown come con listen to wetin fit help your life.
Na so one guy like that waste him career on top say him wan become baller. I no kuku blame am, na music videos cause wahala. The guy no get Papa, na him Mama dey hustle, dey send am go school con dey give am small small change make him too dey use am survive. The guy as street boy na too gas find means for himself.
Him con start to dey hustle online, him no tey for the game God help am him hammer 200k.
If no be say your ancestors don soak your destiny inside garri, and God just pity you on top say you no gbadun con sama you small sugar make the garri sweet for you small, you con pour the sugar for person wey no even no where your life dey.
After the guy hammer 200k, him start to dey club for school, him collect many many baller award. him carry casket for school tire, him no remember say him Mama dey somewhere dey hustle. Him carry babe, dey spend money any how.
Two weeks later, money finish, dem ancestor con vex say make him village people kuku enter him mata. I trust the village people, always ready to work! Na so dem carry am comot from the garri con soak am inside canal. The idiot con dey wake up early momo dey sing DMX- Lord Give Me A Sign. Him no sabi say dem don checkmate am. The idiot con resume to square 0.
Him Mama dey get pain from house hoping for gain. The idiot GP bad for school, him no even remember say him go pay school fees. Na wahala him just cause for himself.
So my people, reason when hustling. we go talk later, i wan go chop

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