Big B**bs Vickie Ama claim Nobody has her nude photos

Vickie Ama, an Instagram sensation and Ghanaian public figure, as they describe popular people on social media these days, has cried out that some unscrupulous people are using her pictures, especially nude pictures of hers to defraud people on Facebook.

The ebony beauty with luscious mammary came crying to Potpourri, that she’s very sad about the development and would want to warn people, especially her fans and followers on social media to be wary of such people.

“Nobody has my nude photos. These people go about asking people for money in exchange for my nude photos. I don’t have a Facebook account. I don’t even have a Facebook app on my phone. Anybody that sees me on Facebook should know it is not me. I use only Instagram and Snapchat, I don’t even have a Whatsapp number,” she mailed Potpourri through the Instagram.


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